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  1. 🎙 The behind the scenes look you’ve wondered about. how did they do it? why? what sets them apart?

    500+ listeners join in for every ~20-minute episode on Δx podcast.

  2. 💎 Getting your foot in the door can be difficult. Especially when it comes to technology, startups, and investment.

    This podcast will share stories from some of the coolest (young) people on the Internet!

  3. 📰 Keeping up with the news… can get tiring 😶 (trust me, I’d know).

    I’ll save you some searching and give you 3 of the most interesting innovations to keep you up to date each edition 🌎

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The Newsletter 💌

Some past issues:

You’ll find 2 ✌ packaged & delivered editions just like these each month 📦💌

The Podcast 🎙

500+ people tune in for each episode. You’ll be the first to know.

This podcast has also done quite a bit of traveling… such as to the RSA conference. One of the episodes was featured on the world’s largest cybersecurity conference with 45,000 people.

The Host 👋

If you don’t know me yet, I’m Ellen! :)

16 y/o from California, host of Delta X podcast and author of this newsletter.

Chances are, right now I’m probably either walking my Alusky 🐕 (husky + Alaskan malamute), recording a podcast (got a new mic recently!) 🎙, or munching on a snack. Maybe even all 3. 🤔

Anyways, why I write this newsletter?

It’s because I’m really fascinated by emerging technology, investment, and entrepreneurship.

But I don’t see a lot of it being taught at school.

I want to set myself on a trajectory where I can live unconventionally, being uniquely me, while also helping others.

My framework for learning:

  1. Speak to people at the forefront of change to learn from their journeys 🎤, and

  2. Break concepts down to make them easy to understand for everyone. 🌿

This newsletter strives to do both.

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