16-year-old #1 Machine Learning Influencer on Twitter 🚀

Pratham Prasoon reached tens of thousands of followers in just a few months - as a high school student 🤯

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This Week’s Podcast

When I first chatted with Pratham Prasoon, the #1 Machine Learning influencer on Twitter about his incredible work in the democratization of ML knowledge, he had around 35k followers — already an astonishingly high number.

Then, earlier this week on Sunday when the podcast came out (🥳), he had 40k+ followers. Now, at the time I am writing this newsletter, he has already reached 45k+ followers.

In other words, in just a few weeks, Pratham grew by more than ten thousand followers — similar to his fast-paced growth during the course of his Twitter content creation journey, and how he has been able to impact tens of thousands of individuals within a few months 😮

Listen along below to find out about how Pratham first got interested in ML, why he wants to spread ML knowledge, and his journey to becoming the #1 ML influencer on Twitter:

To provide a bit of context in case you aren’t too familiar with Machine Learning (explained in depth in this podcast by Intel Innovator Ali Mustafa), it essentially is (in a very rudimentary sense) the field of getting machines to learn from data, often very vast amounts, to identify patterns and make decisions based on the data with little human intervention. Pratham mentions some helpful resources for how he was able to get started and what he would change if he were to re-learn ML in the podcast above! 🎙✨

Learnings 💭

My main takeaways (out of many!) I learned from my conversation with Pratham falls primarily into 2 buckets:

  1. the vast field of Machine Learning and its implications, 💻 and

  2. how to make a mark in the global Twitter community. 🌎

At such a young age, Pratham has already made strides in both distinct aspects of applying his knowledge of ML to help others, by using Twitter to break down and lower gateways into a field which may be difficult to break into at first.

Within Machine Learning, Pratham discusses the ups and downs of ML, including some key takeaways I was able to learn from the podcast:

  • Machine Learning has probably been overhyped 💥

    Despite its huge potential and use cases so far, ML still has a long way to go to live up to its hype — namely, its generalization and application in real-world processes.

  • One of the biggest shortfalls in ML in data 📁

    ML models learn and improve through adjustments with large amounts of data, usually tens of thousands or even more. GPT-3, the language model developed by OpenAI, is trained on about 45TB of text data 📜 from different datasets.

"AI is akin to building a rocket ship. You need a huge engine and a lot of fuel. The rocket engine is the learning algorithms but the fuel is the huge amounts of data we can feed to these algorithms." - Andrew Ng.

  • ML intersects with many other fields, one of which is finance 💸

    Not only can ML be used for image, text, and speech, but Pratham also discusses ML for finance, and his interest in utilizing ML to analyze financial data, i.e. stock predictions 📈 Check it out!

Pratham also offers some amazing advice for getting traction on Twitter and how he was able to create his fast-growth trajectory:

  • Find your own niche 📍

    Pratham found his niche (ML simplified for beginners) through his own pain point — his own journey into ML and making some mistakes which he hopes to help others prevent. Specifically, Pratham didn’t find many accounts on Twitter with good resources for beginners, so he created his own 😎

  • Teaching is the best way of learning 👨‍🏫

    By compressing down high amounts of information into bite-sized threads, Pratham is able to learn along with his followers and understand the concepts he is trying to teach better.

    Relating this back to ML/modeling how the human brain learns, the process of taking complicated concepts and compressing it down into something understandable is something we as humans do all the time, when we take in enormous amounts of sensory data and events and compress it into the vector space and neurons in our brains. It helps us remember things and store/retain information better when we teach them to others in a way that is easy to understand (this is only my interpretation, I’m no expert in neuroscience in any way!).

  • Content is #1 🥇

    Pratham has already shared countless valuable content to his followers, which is undoubtedly one major factor for his growth on Twitter (people enjoy and want to see more of his content) — and he isn’t stopping here. I learned that prioritizing quality of content and putting out information that meets a real need is crucial for any kind of growth, whether on social media or developing a product/service for a business.

What is something you want to create to provide high-value to others? Thank you Pratham for the great conversation and keep doing what you do! :)

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