13-year-old Stock Market Investor with 35k+ Followers 📈🤑

So you want to invest... hear it from 13 y/o stock market wonder, Zach "Young Investor", who has amassed 28k+ followers on Twitter and 7k+ subscribers on Youtube

Hi everyone!

This newsletter… looks a bit different today 🤔

And that’s because I’ve decided to undergo a quick rebranding from old name of newsletter/podcast -> Δx 🌌. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and ultimately it came down to what this podcast/newsletter is all about: change and the future.

Delta(Δ) X= change in X ✖

X= emerging technology 💻, startups 🦄, investment 💸, and beyond 🚀

I’m probably thinking about Calculus way too much (high schoolers in AP Calc get me 😶), but when you accumulate something in terms of ΔX, you get a trajectory towards the future. And we’re going to be on a journey hearing from some of the coolest people creating change and getting a glimpse of the future as it’s being paved today 🔮

delta(Δ) x: a change in x. conversations with change-makers, innovators, and self-starters who have made their mark on the world at a young age. breaking down the journeys of those who are changing the status quo and building the future, today. learn things you aren't taught in school, from Δtech to Δstartups to Δinvesting and beyond. Check out the podcast here 👀

Let’s get started with the first Δx newsletter: this week’s breakdown is all about investing, from someone who has made high gains on his portfolio since he was only 12 years old and has now built a following of thousands for his stock market picks 😮🔥

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🎙 Δx podcast

I’ve always looked at the stock market as some kind of faraway land, where hedge fund managers and investors in suits hammer away with multiple huge monitors in front of them and numbers streaming down on screens. 👩‍💻👨‍💻💼

Just kidding — it wasn’t that bad, but still, stock market investment had always seemed inaccessible to me with a huge barrier of complex terms and financial jargon. 💱 But investing is such a useful skill, and many of us would benefit from learning about it early on. Sooner or later, you’ll be managing your own money in the future and it’s important to know how to invest and find ways to compound your money. 💰

“Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world.” ~ Albert Einstein 👨‍🔬

The average stock market return is about 10% per year for nearly the last century, which is substantially higher than most interest on savings accounts.

I knew I wanted to get into investing, so I talked with Zach Cox “Young Investor”, who knows all about stock market investing at a young age. He started off investing on a whim with just $40 at age 12 and self-taught his way into investment success 🔥. Now, he shares his top investment picks with an audience of 28k+ followers on Twitter and 7k+ subscribers on Youtube. 🎥

If anyone knows about how to get started in stock market investing without years of education or tons of funds, it’s him.

Start listening along in this podcast, and catch me back with some main takeaways (+ a new special segment in the end!) below once you’re finished 👆🎧

✍ Δx takeaways

Zach drops tons of gems in the podcast 💎 from how he made gains on his portfolio and how you can too — here are just a few of them:

  1. Picking stocks 🎯

    Find undervalued stocks that the market has missed — diamonds in the dust. 💍

    Long-term, high growth, good management team, low shares in circulation

  2. Think BIG picture 🌎

    “What's the stock going to do 5 years on the line? Is it going to go from a hundred million $$ company to a billion?”

    If you’re just in there for FOMO, you’re doing it wrong.

  3. Just give it a go — worst case, put your money in a solid ETF 🤑

    It doesn’t take a lot of money to get started. Just learn, try it out, have fun, and if you don’t want to put in too much time/effort, ETFs (exchange-traded fund) are a good way to go.

So what are you waiting for? If stock market investment is something you would like to try, listen along to the <20 min podcast and make your first trade! Zach also talks about major considerations in technical analysis, when to sell/cut losses, crypto and Bitcoin, and so much more 👀

📰 Δx change

Trying something new with highlighting some of the biggest changes and breakthroughs in the last few weeks — from the first time making air on Mars to Bezos’ last stakeholder letter 💥:

  • Perseverance makes air on Mars 💨 : Moxie is the size of the toaster, but is able to create what humans can’t survive without — oxygen. It’s an incredible feat of science and innovation, and gives hope towards human civilization on Mars.

That’s it for this week! Whew, this took me way longer than expected (let me know what you thought!), but hopefully this was useful and will help inspire more people to get started stock market investing. Thank you Zach once again for coming on!

Hope you enjoyed this first newsletter and podcast for Δx — and it’s kickstarting a new wave to come from young changemakers and innovators who are redefining the status quo.

Until next time,

Ellen X

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